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Accidents may occur, or a tooth may break. Dr. Weaver and the team will go to great lengths to provide you with calm, comfortable solutions to your oral surgery needs.


Dental Implants

An implant looks, acts, and feels like a natural tooth. It is the most natural way to replace a missing tooth. You can feel confident knowing your tooth is secure, solid, and beautiful. Our team will walk you through the entire process and answer any questions or concerns.

For a denture that is loose or ill-fitting, attaching it to implants will allow for a very tight fit. This means easier eating, less gagging, and more living comfortably.


Broken Tooth

A broken tooth doesn’t need to mean a broken smile. We will help you understand the wide variety of options to choose from for repairing your tooth. If it necessary to remove the broken tooth, a dental implant can be a natural and seamless replacement.


Accident and Trauma

Your tooth got knocked out or chipped! What do you do? First, relax. Put your tooth in a little container of milk or water, and call the office immediately. We will do everything we can do to make your smile whole again.


Oral Surgeries

Occasionally, removing a tooth will help maximize your oral health. Our goal for an extraction is to make replacing the tooth easier and to maximize esthetics and comfort in the future. We cater to concerns or anxiety and will help you relax and be calm.



A toothache can ruin a day, a weekend trip, or a special event. If your tooth is keeping you awake at night, is excessively sensitive to hot or cold, or is bothering you at all, let our team schedule you an appointment so we can quickly get to the bottom of the pain and eliminate it.